Take me to another space and time!

Everybody in this world must have a big decision in their life.

Yeah, we must take a chance! Even though you don’t know which one is better.

In this case, i have a big decision between make it dreams come true or just sitting, calm down and wish the miracle coming a.s.a.p.

And of course, i don’t like waiting and just sitting down watching the miracle coming to me.

So, i think this is the right time for me to take that challenge in my life! I will have been studying so hard for a few months by the time God gimme the answer about my big decision. I will do anything for this. I don’t care if i must lose someone who take care of me at this time (but actually, i won’t that shit happen come to me).

So, this is the time. For us to make a big decision in our life!! We don’t have to worry. Just stay in the right way and go out make it happen!!!!


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