My new toys (droid) after i dumped my old toys (blackberry)

Yeah last year i’ve smartphone, it’s called blackberry a.k.a. bb. I’m buying types Onyx, which is dulu harganya masih 4.9juta rupiah. I’m so proud of it….ofcourse! Cause pada jaman itu yang pakai Onyx masih sangat jarang dan jaringan provider pun masih lumayan baik.
But NOW…….i was kicked that smartphone. Why??? Because that’s not smartphone anymore..and maybe that’s stupidphone. I can’t download any programs, i can’t handled all those problems of signal from my provider.

It’s oke, now i was changed my blackberry to android. That’s so cool! I can download a lots of applications, i can be super user of my phone, and especially i can photo with lotssss effects…..that’s so brilliant! But..after all, last night i’ve got problem 😦
I can’t using my speaker phone with good sounds. I don’know why. But after i’m waiting a half minutes, and after i reboot my phone, that problems are clear. Pfuuuufff…


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